2024 Tournament of Champions

Posted by Mountain View California Little League on Jun 01 2024 at 10:52PM PDT

Schedule of MVLL TOC and All-Stars Hosted Games at McKelvey

MVLL will be hosting games on both the Little McKelvey and Big McKelvey fields. This schedule is subject to change without notice. MVLL’s TOC Page is located in the secondary level menu. The All-Stars Page is also located in the secondary menu.

Tournament games for all District 44 leagues and divisions are posted on their website

Date Game Time Field
Mon 06/03/2024 Minor TOC, Moreland v Mtn View Minor Giants 5:30 PM Little McKelvey
Sat 06/08/2024 Minor TOC, SC Westside v Campbell 12 PM Little McKelvey
Mon 06/10/2024 Junior TOC, Elimination Game, Campbell v Los Altos 5:30 PM Big McKelvey
Mon 06/17/2024 All-Stars 10U, Santa Clara Westside v Mtn View 10U 5:30 PM Little McKelvey
Tue 06/18/2024 All-Stars 12U, Sunnyvale National v Mtn View 12U 5:30 PM Little McKelvey
Wed 06/19/2024 All-Stars 11U, Sunnyvale v Mtn View 11U 5:30 PM Little McKelvey
Thu 06/20/2024 All-Stars 12U, Sunnyvale v Mtn View 12U 5:30 PM Little McKelvey
Sat 06/22/2024 All-Stars 11U, Los Altos v Mtn View 11U 9:30 AM Little McKelvey
Sat 06/22/2024 All-Stars 10U, Cupertino v Mtn View 10U 12 PM Little McKelvey
Sat 06/29/2024 Junior All-Stars, Championship, TBD v TBD 9:30 AM Big McKelvey
Mon 07/01/2024 All-Stars 11U, Elimination Game , TBD v TBD 5:30 PM Little McKelvey
Mon 07/01/2024 Junior All-Stars, If Needed Game, TBD v TBD 5:30 PM Big McKelvey

The Little McKelvey Snack Shack will be open during games at Little McKelvey. We will be grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers. The Snack Shack is stocked with all sorts of goodies. We accept only cash, no credit cards.

Sorry, the Big McKevley Snack Shack will not be open for the Junior Division games hosted at Big McKelvey.

MVLL Minors and Majors TOC Teams Have Exited Their Tournaments

The MVLL Minor Giants lost to Moreland at Monday’s game.
The MVLL Major Giants lost to Sunnyvale Metro at Thursday’s game.

Tournament scores for each division are posted on our TOC webpage.

Farm TOC Pool Games June 8 & 9, Single Elimination Bracket June 15

Farm teams are divided into 2 groups, Pool A and Pool B. Teams play other teams within their assigned pool on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 & 9. [ Farm TOC Bracket ]

Teams in each pool are ranked by won/lost win %. ​All teams proceed to the second phase of the Farm TOC that is played in a single elimination series on Saturday, June 15. [ June 15 Bracket ]

At the completion of the last day of pool games (June 9):

Pool A W L Runs Allowed Ratio Head to Head
SC Westside 4 0 0.71
Campbell 3 1 1.08
Briarwood – El Camino 2 2 1. 96
Mtn View 1 3 3.08
Cupertino 0 2 3.00
Pool B W L Runs Allowed Ratio Head to Head
Moreland 4 0 1.04
Los Altos 1 3 1 1.42
Sunnyvale 1 3 2.21 Sunnyvale defeated Los Altos 2
Los Altos2 1 3 2.33 Los Altos 2 defeated SVLMetro
SVL Metro 1 3 3.58 SVL Metro defeated Sunnyvale

The Farm TOC Single Elimination Tournament games are played on Saturday, June 15. Game times and locations are posted on the District 44 Tournament Page..

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