FAQ - Minor Division (Ages 9-11)

Posted by Lew Lee on Dec 22 2013 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019

The Mountain View Little League Minors Division is for players 9-11 years of age (birthdate as of April 30 during the year of Spring baseball). Pioneer players progress to the Minor Division. Exceptional 8 year-olds may "play up" to this division. This division is for players with intermediate baseball skills. Players will pitch to each other as prescribed in the Little League rules.

Players must attend a tryout to be evaluated for placement into this division based on their ability. Players are then drafted on to teams. Team managers draft players so that teams are as even as possible and equally competitive.

Minor's games are played with 10 fielders (with 4 players in the outfield). There is a continuous batting order -- all players bat in sequence whether or not they play defense (in the field) in that inning. The league provides umpires to officiate these games. Score is kept, but standings are not tracked until the second half of the season. All teams make the playoffs and are seeded by their standing at the end of the regular season.

Players at this level begin to learn the tactics and strategies of baseball, the skills of base stealing, player pitching, bunting and reading signs from coaches. Mastery of the pitcher and catcher positions are the two important skills emphasized at this level.

Minors Time Commitment:  approximately 8 hours per week

Per Week

 Duration When
 2 Games
 1 hour and 45 minutes plus warm-up time
 Saturday and Tuesday or Thursday evening
 2 Practices
 1 hour and 30 minutes
 Sunday and a weeknight
 1 Batting Cage Session
 1 hour
 Weeknight or weekend.  Each team's batting cage time is set for the season.





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