6. Player Discipline Policy

Posted by Eric Bickford on Jan 17 2007 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019
MVLL hopes that disciplinary measures will not be necessary. Managers will however, establish a policy to follow, in case it does become necessary. The Manager’s disciplinary policy will, in general, meet the following guidelines:
  • The Manager will explain team objectives, rules and disciplinary policy to players and parents at the beginning of the>
  • Discipline may not be applied arbitrarily or capriciously. It must be imposed evenly to all team>
  • Discipline must be imposed progressively. Manager’s must first counsel the player, explaining what is expected and why. If a player continues to be a problem, the next step could mean less game time. Frequent and continuing problems can lead to suspension from a game or in extreme cases, suspension from the team. NOTE: Before a player can be suspended from a game, the Manager must notify the Player Agent. The Player Agent must concur before a player can be suspended from a team.
  • Pioneer and T-Ball Division Managers must inform parents that a player has violated team rules and explain what is expected and why. Major and Minor managers are required to notify parents only in case of major disciplinary problems that could result in suspension from a game or from the team.
  • Behavior that results in serious injury to another player or a serious infraction of the rules of safety is grounds for immediate suspension from a game or from the team.
  • Players and Parents have the right to appeal any decision on suspension or removal from the team. Submit such appeals in writing and addressed to the MVLL President and / or Player Agent.


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