Fall Ball Games Rules FAQ

Posted by Lew Lee on Aug 21 2017 at 05:00PM PDT in MVLL Baseball 2019

These are responses to submitted questions about Minors/Majors Playing Rules. Submit questions to and you will receive an email response and we will post it here.

There is no Balks in minors or majors but the pitchers should be told what they are doing and warned.

Pitch Counts
Pitch counts will not matter during Fall Ball since a pitcher can only pitch 2 innings in a day and there is a week between games.

Runners Stealing Bases
Runners must be on the base until the ball gets to home plate and then are free to advance at their own risk.(Green Book Rule)

Infield Fly Rule
Infield fly rule is tricky but should be called by the umpire but most of the time it is a tough judgement call considering the level of play.

MVLL will try to supply umpires for the games at Monta Loma but not guaranteed. If there are no umpires then the fielding team will call balls and strikes from behind the mound and is the official umpire for that 1/2 inning. Unless there is another agreement in place, the call by the guy behind the mound is official. Base coaches on the other team at the bases can assist in making calls but ultimately, it's the guy behind the mound who makes the official call.)

Continuous Batting Order
Yes continuous batting order in Minors and Majors Fall Ball. (For the league kick-off games, each team will keep their batting order going through all the games.) 


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