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Posted by Lew Lee on Jan 15 2015 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019
Q. How does the draft work?
A. The draft is the method we use to distribute the available pool of players (within a division) to teams in a fair and balanced manner. Each team manager observes and rates each player during the player assessment sessions (tryouts) held in January and February. Soon after the last assessment, team managers meet (in a division). On the evening of the draft, each manager in turn, selects their players from the pool of players. Stronger players are chosen first followed by the developing players. In this way, at the end of the process, each team will have roughly the same level of talent.(The draft is used in the Minors AAA, Majors and Juniors divisions.)

Q. How are the Minors AA teams formed?
A. Players are placed on teams (players are not drafted). Teams are formed to have roughly the same level of talent. Requests for team buddys and coaches are accommodated as best as possible. Players must come to a tryout to be assessed on their skills.

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