2. Parent's Role in MVLL

Posted by Eric Bickford on Jan 17 2007 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019
MVLL asks that every parent respect the following policies: 1) Please read the Parent / Player Handbook before the first scheduled game. Please read this handbook to your players as well. If any parent objects to the League’s rules and policies, he or she must discuss the objection with the Player Agent or League President before the first game. 2) Objections to the Manager’s policies or actions must be submitted to the Player Agent within ONE week of the incident. If the parent does not raise the matter within one week, it suggests that the parent’s objection was not strong enough to warrant a review by the League’s Board of Directors. 3) Only the Manager and 2 Coaches are allowed on the playing field before or during games, as stipulated by Little League rules. Parents are welcome to assist at practices as allowed by the team Manager. Please fill out the Volunteer Form (contained in the Addendum section). 4) Parents and spectators are not allowed to confer with the Manager during a game unless it involves a SAFETY issue or the WELL BEING of a player. The Manager is supervising 12-15 players and it requires all of his or her concentration to watch for safety problems while orchestrating the game. 5) DO NOT distract participants from concentrating on the game. This includes the players, coaches, managers or umpires. 6) DO watch for safety problems during games and practices to help prevent injuries. This includes watching your other children in the stands or on the surrounding grounds. 7) DO let your Manager know if your player had any kind of injury, illness, an ache or pain, is unusually tired or just does not feel well. Parents know their youngsters better than the Manager or Coaches do and should bring any issues to the Manager’s attention before a game or practice. 8) DO make sure that your youngsters are dressed warmly. Every player should have an approved long-sleeved shirt to wear under the uniform, especially on cold evenings. Players should bring a jacket to wear while in the dugout. 9) NO food or drinks are allowed in the dugouts, except as authorized by the Manager. Please pick up all trash on the surrounding grounds while visiting or exiting any MVLL playing area, as we are responsible for cleanliness, even though we may not have made the mess. 10) Mountain View Little League will be a Drug-Free, Smoke-Free and Alcohol-Free environment. This is out of concern for the children as well as Little League rules and the laws of the city of Mountain View. It’s a parent’s obligation to help keep our practice and playing fields free of these toxins.


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