1. Introduction

Posted by Eric Bickford on Jan 17 2007 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019
Welcome to Mountain View Little League (MVLL). We hope that you will find your experience with MVLL to be exciting and rewarding this year. MVLL was established in 1957 and is governed by the rules and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc. of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Your local Board of Directors is here to certify that our league is compliant to these rules in order for our players to enjoy safe play and an opportunity to qualify for the exciting post-season play that Little League Baseball has made into a tradition. Little League’s goals for the players are: 1) Develop sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, fair play and safety. 2) Learn the skills, rules and strategy of Little League Baseball. 3) Have fun! More than 400 Mountain View youngsters, ranging in age from 4-14 years, will participate in MVLL Baseball during the upcoming season. Parents, Managers, Coaches, Sponsors and Officials will work together to promote these goals. Success depends on all participating adults, including spectators, to serve as positive role models for behavior and attitude. To that end, please read this handbook thoroughly. The rules, regulations and suggestions throughout this book are presented to you to help all of us make MVLL successful, fun and rewarding for everyone associated, especially this community’s future, the children.


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