FAQ - Majors Division (Ages 11-12)

Posted by Lew Lee on Dec 22 2013 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019

The Mountain View Little League Majors Division is for players 11-12 years of age (birthdate as of April 30 during the year of Spring baseball). Minor Division players progress to the Majors. Exceptional 10 year-olds may "play up" to this division. The number of returning players determines how many players can be selected to advance to Majors and the number of Majors teams that can be formed. 

Players must tryout to be evaluated and placed into this division based on their ability. Players not selected for Majors are placed in the draft for Minors. All 12 year-olds that try out will be placed on a Majors team roster, unless an exception is approved by the MVLL Player Agent and President.

The level of play is competitive and all games count in the standings. All teams make the playoffs and seeding is based on the end of season standings. Games are played with 9 players in the field and 9 in the batting order. Managers choose the starting lineup and substitue players during the game per Little League rules. Minimum playing time is 1 at-bat and 9 outs for games played during the first half of the season. After Spring Break, minimum playing time is 1 at-bat and 6 outs in the field.

At this level, more complex strategies and plays are introduced. Players will pitch faster and with more control at varying speeds. Catchers will allow few passed balls and have the ability to throw out runners at any base. Fewer errors are made and game scores are generally lower. Players are expected to make plays on ground balls and fly balls. Players learn advanced baseball strategy and advanced skill in  batting, throwing, fielding and base-running.  The Majors teams are the ones that can advance to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Majors Time Commitment:  approximately 10-12 hours per week

Per Week
 3 Games
 1 hour and 45 minutes plus warm-up time  Saturdays and Mondays or Wednesday evening
 2 Practices
 1 hour and 30 minutes
 Sunday and a weeknight
 1 Batting Cage Session
 1 hour
 Weeknight or weekend. Each team's batting cage time is set for the season.





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