13. Income and Expenses

Posted by Eric Bickford on Jan 17 2007 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019
Mountain View Little League is a non-profit organization. Total operating expenses are approximately $60,000 per year. These funds are used for uniforms, equipment, photos, field maintenance, insurance, publications and other support services. The funds to cover these expenses come from registration fees, fund-raising events, sponsor fees and Snack Shack profits. Sponsorships: Local businesses, fraternal organizations and individuals demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of Mountain View’s youth by underwriting a portion of our expenses through team sponsorships. Our Sponsors are dedicated and deserve our business and appreciation. For sponsorship information, please contact the Fundraising / Sponsorship Director. Registration Fees: Registration fees cover insurance, team photos, awards, sponsor plaques and uniforms. No child will be denied the opportunity to play due to economic hardships. Fee waivers are available for Mountain View families who cannot afford the registration costs. Snack Shacks: The Snack Shacks are a major source of revenue for MVLL. Please patronize our Snack Shacks when they are available and do not bring in food from outside. After a long game, the kids always love a treat from the Snack Shack. Please take your turn to volunteer in the Snack Shack and do not take any food or funds without permission of the League. Fundraiser: To minimize the burden on parents, we have only one league-wide fundraiser for the year, the Hit-a-thon. Each player should get sponsorships on a per-foot or flat-fee basis. The players then compete to hit a baseball as far as possible. We ask each player to try to raise at least $50 from neighbors, friends, and family members. Parents can also help raise money for the League by buying SF Giants tickets, MVLL shirts, and other merchandise that the League offers. These purchases are optional but much appreciated.


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