Last Minute Registrations

Posted by Lew Lee on Feb 22 2015 at 04:00PM PST in MVLL Baseball 2019
After you have contacted us and we let you know it's OK to proceed with registering your child for baseball, you can complete registration in any of the following ways:

In Person - Call Helmings Auto Repair at 650-988-0460 to arrange for a time. Mike Reelfs is our league president and he and his wife Leane are the owners. If this is a first-time registration, we'll need to see a birth certificate or passport showing date of birth. We'll also need to see 2 items showing the home address (utility bill, phone bill, auto registration, school record, etc.). Be sure to have medical insurance information for the medical release form if you'll be completing the forms at Helmings.

By Mail - Registration forms, payment (if using a check), and if a first-time registration: photocopies of birth certificate or passport showing date of birth and items showing the home addess (see list above). Black out account numbers and any information you don't want us to see. We will shred the photocopies afterwards or return them to you if requested.Our mailing address is:  MVLL, POB 614, Mountain View, CA, 94042

Online - After completing and sending in the online registration and medical release forms. If a first-time registration, we'll need to verify birthdate and home address. To send these items electronically, scan them and attach them in an email to You can also take pictures using your cell (contact us by email or phone to obtain a phone number for sending the pictures).

Please send email to or call 650-961-2065 if you have additional questions.


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