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Understanding the Little League Baseball All-Stars Path from Local to World Series

The Little League Baseball World Series is fast approaching. How does a team get from "here" to the Little League World Series? Let's look at it from MVLL standpiont. (We won't present the softball path since MVLL doesn't have a softball league.)

Our Mountain View California Little League is part of CA District 44. District 44 is composed of the following leagues:
  • Campbell Little League
  • Cupertino Little League
  • Los Altos-Los Altos Hills Little League
  • Moreland Cupertino American Little League
  • Mountain View Little League
  • Santa Clara Briarwood Little League
  • Santa Clara Westside Little League
  • Santa Clara Homestead Little League
  • Sunnyvale Metro Little League
  • Sunnyvale (Serra/Southern) Little League
Many parents come to recognize these leagues as their ball players participate in interleague games in Juniors (13-14), Fall Ball, Tournament of Champions, and All-Stars.

In the Little League organization, the level above district is section. District 44 is part of California Section 5. In California, there are a very large number of leagues so instead of having one statewide series of tournaments, we have two: Northern California (Division 2) and Southern California (Division 1). Sections are assigned to Divsion 1 or Division 2. So in California, we have 2 state champions: one set for Northern California and another set for Southern California.

When a team wins their "state" championship (California has northern and southern championship teams and other states have one team), the next level of tournaments is regional.
  • Big League (17-18), Senior League (15-16), Junior League (13-14), Intermediate (11-13), and Majors League (11-12) All-Stars State Champions proceed to regional tournaments.
  • 9-10 All-Stars, and 10-11 All-Stars do not have regional tournaments. Their tournament series end at state division.
Since MVLL does not have Big League and Senior League teams, we won't present their paths to their respective Little League World Series.

Junior League's West Region Tournament is played at a different location each year.

The Majors West Region Tournament is always played in San Bernadino, CA. This is the path to the Little League World Series broadcasted on ESPN. The general public identifies the Majors Little League World Series from Williamsport, PA as "the" LIttle League World Series. (Whereas the Junior League Baseball World Series is played in Taylor, Michigan.) The broadcast rights that ESPN has with Little League International is a BIG deal. The sports insurance coverage your player enjoys in Little League is significantly subsidized with the money from the broadcast rights awarded to ESPN. A very small portion of the MVLL registration fee goes to Little League International for insurance.

In the Little League World Series which kicks off on Thursday, August 16, 2018, there are two intermediate champions (International and US) followed by the world championship game between the two.

Wikipedia has an excellent article about the Little League World Series. You can read it here.


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