Rookie and Farm Divisions to be Merged

Posted by Mountain View California Little League on Dec 16 2022 at 10:10PM PST in MVLL 2023

We anticipate the number of Rookie and Farm teams we will form this spring would result in a better player experience if the 2 divisions were re-formed into a new Farm division. Many years ago, Little League Baseball started with 5 year-olds and each division was a 2-year grouping (T-Ball was 5, 6; Pioneer was 7, 8; Minor was 9, 10; Major was 11, 12; and Junior was 13, 14). When Little League allowed players to start at 4 years-old, we decided to add a division to achieve a better distribution of teams per division.

The revised 2023 divisions will use the following target age groupings:

T-Ball 4, 5 , 6
Farm 6, 7, 8
Minor 9, 10
Major 11, 12
Junior 13, 14

Over the course of the next few days, we’ll be updating the registration website along with the supporting web pages, tables, FAQs, etc. Things will be out of sync for a few days; please bear with us. Players who have been signed up thus far do not need to change their division selections. Adjustments will be few and decisions can be made in January.

Here are some example situations we have reviewed to help facilitate the transition:

  • 6 year-olds who have played a year of T-Ball have the option of playing a second year of T-Ball or transition to Farm that will introduce player-pitched balls. To keep Farm games moving along, coaches will complete delivery of pitches to a batter as appropriate.
  • 7 year-olds signed up for T-Ball will have the option of starting in Farm in order to develop batting and pitching skills.
  • Farm division will no longer have player evaluations and instead will be placed on a team.
  • 8 year-olds can try out for Minors. If they are not picked up in the Minor Draft, they will be placed in Farm.
  • Likewise, 10 year-olds can try for for Majors. If they are not picked up in the Major Draft, they will be placed in the Minors Draft.
  • 11 year-olds not picked up in the Major Draft, will be placed in the Minors Draft.

Please hold off sending questions until after December 25, when all the changes are in place.

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