2023 Fall Baseball Registration is CLOSED for All Divisions

Posted by Mountain View California Little League on Aug 11 2023 at 11:43PM PDT in MVLL 2023

Registration for MVLL Fall Baseball was open for sign-ups on Sunday, August 13, 2023. All registrations are done online. There are no in-person registration events. In order to be eligible to be placed on a team, an online registration form must be submitted and payment provided. Otherwise the registration will go onto a wait list.

The Online Registration Page is CLOSED

ALERT – All new sign -ups for Farm, Minors, and Majors are CLOSED.

Team selections for all division were completed on Sept 1. Player selections are posted on the Registration Status page. Refer to the reply email that was received when the online registration form was submitted. The reply contains the link to the Registration Status page

We have 3 divisions in Fall Baseball: Major, Minor, and Farm. We have 2 teams for each division. Each team can has the maximum of 13 players. The registration fee is $150 for each player. There are no sibling discounts. Sorry, there are no fee waivers for the Fall Ball season.

Fall Ball Division Eligibility Primarily for Baseball Ages (Birthdates) May Also Include Age Sign-Ups CLOSED
Farm 6 to 7 YO (Sep 2015 – Aug 2017) 5 YO with a season of T-Ball (Sep 2017 – Aug 2018) Sign-ups CLOSED
Minor 8 to 9 YO (Sep 2013 – Aug 2015) 7 YO with Farm experience (Sep 2015 – Aug 2016) Sign-ups CLOSED
Major 10 to 11 YO (Sep 2011 – Aug 2013) 9 YO with Minor experience (Sep 2013 – Aug 2014) Sign-ups CLOSED

Fall Ball games are on Sundays. Game times are nominally 11 AM, 1 PM and 3:30 PM (give or take a half-hour). We anticipate up to 7 leagues in District 44 will be participating this season. Teams schedule their practices twice a week in addition to the Sunday games. Practices are held at Little McKelvey and Monta Loma Baseball Fields. Inter-league games are scheduled by a district volunteer. The games schedule are not available for distribution before Sep 1.

Fall Ball is fun and casual. No scores are kept. No tournaments at the end of the season. Inter-league games are expected to begin on Sep 10 and end on Oct 29 (approx half of the games are home games and half are away games). Our home field will be McKelvey. We plan to hold end-of-season MV vs MV games on Nov 5 — we call it the Fall Ball Brawl.

Fall Ball is an instructional program emphasizing learning and skills development in a less competitive environment than Spring Baseball. Players can use this opportunity to improve their baseball skills at the various field positions and have fun at the same time. Fall Ball is for players who plan to play up to the next division in the Spring and for players wanting to improve their baseball offensive and defensive skills.

Players who played Farm in Spring 2023 and are thinking of trying out for Minors in Spring 2024 should sign up for Minors Fall Ball. Players who played in Minors and would like to be in the Majors draft should sign up for Majors Fall Ball. Players who plan to play in the same division from Spring 2023 should sign up for their respective division. T-Ball players 5 years-old and older from Spring 2023 and plan to play in the 2024 Spring Farm division are welcomed to play in the Fall Ball Farm division.

Look for answers to your questions in the 2023 Fall Baseball Overview and Fall Ball FAQ posted on our website at

Each team can have a maximum of 13 players (78 players total) and 3 coaches (with one or two as managing coaches). When we have 78 players signed up and paid, registration will be closed and anyone signing up afterwards will be on a waiting list. Registration will close on August 27+ or earlier+ when we reach capacity. Registration will very likely close early without notice. DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, register for Fall Ball now.

Junior Division Fall Ball- Players eligible for the 2024 Spring Junior Division can register for Fall Baseball with one of the Babe Ruth leagues. (Mtn View Babe Ruth, Palo Alto Babe Ruth, ). Email Tony Peeples at for Mtn View Babe Ruth Fall Baseball information.

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