Majors and Minors Player Evaluations on Saturday, Jan 27 (Final Schedule)

Posted by Mountain View California Little League on Jan 16 2024 at 05:41PM PST

Player evaluation will be held on Saturday, Jan 27. Evaluations are at Mountain View Shoreline Athletic Fields – North Field. We will hold the event even if there is light rain. (No rain is in the forecast.)

Additional information about how evaluations are done and what gear should be brought are described in the PDF download, About Player Evaluations, below.

9 YOs do not attend player evals if they do not choose to play in Minors or Majors. The purpose of the tryouts is to evaluate players for the two drafts. However, we encourage 9 YOs to tryout for Minors because Minors is primarily for 9 and 10 YOs and Majors is primarily for 11 and 12 YOs. 9 YOs who do not attend a tryout are placed on Farm team.

FINAL SCHEDULE – Note the change in start time for the last session

Age Groups for Tryouts on Saturday, Jan 27

Baseball Ages Start Time Check-In Time
11, 12 10 AM Arrive no later than 9:45 AM
8*, 9, 10 First letter of last name A-K 12 Noon Arrive no later than 11 :45 PM
8*, 9, 10 First letter of last name L-Z 1:30 PM Arrive no later than 1 :15 PM

[*] Note – 8 year-olds must attend a player evaluation if they want to play up to Minors.

  • Please attend your assigned session according to the schedule above. Players not able to attend their tryout should attend one of the other sessions.
  • Players must arrive at least 15 minutes before their group’s start time for check-in and receive their Player Evaluation Number.
    • We recommend players arrive earlier and use the time to warm up.
    • Players who attend the first week’s tryout can also attend the second week’s (think of the second week as a do-over)
    • Players who indicated their choice of Minor division on their registration form can choose to tryout for Major division.

Managers/coaches should plan on being at the field by 9:30.
Note to Minor managers: Plan to attend the 10 AM sessions. All 12s will be in Majors unless they are a safety issue and most of the 11s but there is usually some 11s that will drop down to Minors so yes you should be there to see them.

Download About Player Evaluations (PDF Document)

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