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13. Income and Expenses

Posted by Eric Bickford at Jan 17, 2007 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Mountain View Little League is a non-profit organization. Total operating expenses are approximately $60,000 per year. These funds are used for uniforms, equipment, photos, field maintenance, insurance, publications and other support services. The funds to cover these expenses come from registration fees, fund-raising events, sponsor fees and Snack Shack profits. Sponsorships: Local businesses, fraternal organizations and individuals demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of Mountain View’s youth by underwriting a portion of our expenses through team sponsorships. Our Sponsors are dedicated and deserve our business and appreciation. For sponsorship information, please contact the Fundraising / Sponsorship Director. Registration Fees: Registration fees cover insurance, team photos, awards, sponsor plaques and uniforms. No child will be denied the opportunity to play due to economic hardships. Fee waivers are available for Mountain View families who cannot afford the registration costs. Snack Shacks: The Snack Shacks are a major source of revenue for MVLL. Please patronize our Snack Shacks when they are available and do not bring in food from outside. After a long game, the kids always love a treat from the Snack Shack. Please take your turn to volunteer in the Snack Shack and do not take any food or funds without permission of the League. Fundraiser: To minimize the burden on parents, we have only one league-wide fundraiser for the year, the Hit-a-thon. Each player should get sponsorships on a per-foot or flat-fee basis. The players then compete to hit a baseball as far as possible. We ask each player to try to raise at least $50 from neighbors, friends, and family members. Parents can also help raise money for the League by buying SF Giants tickets, MVLL shirts, and other merchandise that the League offers. These purchases are optional but much appreciated.
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3. Parent's Commitment

Posted by Eric Bickford at Jan 17, 2007 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
MVLL asks that every parent participate in the activities that bring success to our children and the league. Volunteer Forms are available in the Addendum to this handbook, on the MVLL web page at, and by asking any League official. By contributing to the league, your children will benefit from your time together, you will have more input and understanding as to the League’s operations, and you will be contributing to a stronger Mountain View community. Please fill out and return the Volunteer Form to indicate your ability to fulfill one or more of the following functions.
  • Manager (head coach): With help from other coaches, directs practices and games. Does not need to attend every game. Experience not required at T-Ball and Minors A level. Training is provided.
  • Coach: Assists manager at practices and games. Does not need to attend every game. Experience not required. Training is provided.
  • Team parent: Using phone or email, makes sure all parents on team are notified of games, practices, and other events. Organizes snack schedule, team party, etc.
  • Scorekeeper: At Minors AA, AAA, Majors and Juniors games, keep a record of each play. Training is available. Can keep score while watching your child’s game.
  • Umpire: Makes rulings on the field at Minors/Majors games. Flexible schedules available. Experience not required. Training is available. Ages 14 and up.
  • Event help: Work at tryouts, Opening Day, Picture Day, Closing Day, and other special events. Help with setup, snack shack, check-in, handouts, or cleanup. No experience required. Work one event per season.
  • Phone calls: Spend up to three hours making phone calls to assist with notifying parents, other volunteers, or recruiting sponsors. Can make calls from your home or office.
  • Translation: Translate flyers and other printed material from English to Spanish, or assist Spanish-speaking parents with registration or other league activities.
  • Construction: If you have special skills in construction, please let us know, as we are upgrading our facilities.
  • Sponsor: Make a cash donation to MVLL. Your company can be listed on our web site or even have its name on a banner, team hat, or team uniform. Contact us for more details.
Although most of us have busy lives, many of these choices require only a few hours during the year or can be performed while attending your child’s games and events. Managers and coaches do not have to have baseball skills, especially at lower levels, because they receive training from professional coaches. Please help MVLL this season.
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7. Safety

Posted by Eric Bickford at Jan 17, 2007 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
All participants of MVLL Baseball must work together to make Little League Baseball a safe and fun game. Serious injuries can occur when players are careless about throwing balls or handling bats. Parents are asked to help by making sure that their youngster is ready for practices and games. Players must strive to be in good physical condition. They should have adequate rest and must be mentally ready for baseball. If they are not, parents should notify the Manager or Coach before the game or practice. Some of the more important points are as follows:
  1. During practices and games, ALL PLAYERS should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
  2. At no time should ‘horse play’ be permitted on the playing field.
  3. Catchers MUST wear a protective supporter and cup. All players perform better with a cup, as CONFIDENCE is a great prevention against injury.
  4. Players will NOT wear jewelry, i.e.; watches, rings, pins, necklaces, chains, earrings, or other metallic items.
  5. The on-deck circle for all divisions is PROHIBITED.
  6. Headfirst slides in most situations are prohibited.
In addition, there are numerous other safety rules. The Manager and Coaches will explain these to players throughout the season. NOTE: Please watch younger children during the games. Foul balls often drop into the stands and surrounding area and could cause serious injury. Little League is not liable for injuries to spectators and their families.
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8. Injuries and Insurance Coverage

Posted by Eric Bickford at Jan 17, 2007 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Player Injury: Youngsters participating in any athletic activity may suffer injury. If a child has sustained an injury, the Team Manager MUST be notified immediately. The first signs of any injury often become evident during a practice or game. Most of these injuries will only require some rest, ice and care.. Each team equipment bag and the Snack Shacks at McKelvey and Monta Loma all have well stocked First Aid kits and ice packs. Please notify the Safety Director if you find any of the first aid kits need refilling. If an injury is serious enough to require a doctor, do not hesitate to seek out medical help. Insurance Coverage: Little League carries an accident insurance policy that covers each registered child for injuries incurred while participating in scheduled games, practice sessions and other scheduled League activities. This policy is an excess coverage policy; that is, it affords up to $1,000 coverage per accident for any medical bills not paid by other existing medical insurance carried individually by the family or through an employer’s group policy. Claim Procedures: If a child incurs an injury, parents should make claims for medical expenses to their family medical coverage or through their employer’s group policy. Where no other coverage is available, whenever any medical expenses are not paid by a primary policy or when deductible results in an unpaid charge, these unpaid bills will be submitted to the Little League carrier. Liability Coverage: Little League carries general liability coverage. However, damage to parked cars by errant baseballs is expressly excluded. The Safety Director is responsible for following up on serious injuries, claims and injury reports submitted to the League. All insurance claims are summarily submitted to the District 44 Safety Director.

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