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2006 Home Run Leaders

Posted by Eric Bickford at Mar 13, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Regular Season Playoffs
  1. Colton Bellandi (Red Sox) 14
  2. Adam Spencley (White Sox) 2
  3. Mitchell Gayer (Red Sox) 1
  4. James Tilton (Athletics) 1
  • Adam Spencley (White Sox) 3
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2005 Home Run Leaders

Posted by Eric Bickford at Mar 27, 2005 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
  1. Luke Wiechec (Marlins) 5
  2. Stephen Lee (Giants) 4
  3. Matt Kang (Marlins) 3
  4. Jose Rodriguez (White Sox) 1
  5. Daniel Orozco (White Sox) 1
  6. Victor Quezada (Giants) 1
  7. Colton Bellandi (Red Sox) 1
  8. Javier Munoz (A's) 1
  1. Matt Kang (Marlins) 2
  2. Javier Munoz (A's) 1
As you may be aware, poor behavior by parents is a widespread problem in youth sports leagues. To reduce any problems at MVLL games, we ask you to review the following important guidelines.
  1. Players and spectators are allowed ONLY TO ENCOURAGE players through cheering. A positive atmosphere should be maintained at all times.
  2. Chants or comments that are derisive, distracting or derogatory to ANY player, manager, coach or umpire are prohibited.
  3. DO NOT distract participants from concentrating on the game. This includes the players, coaches, managers or umpires.
  4. DO watch for safety problems during games and practices to help prevent injuries. This includes watching your other children in the stands or on the surrounding grounds.
  5. Parents, Managers, and Coaches are expected to set an example of good sportsmanship at all times by positively encouraging players and not vocally questioning or criticizing umpire calls or manager decisions.
  6. Umpires have the authority to halt play and, if necessary, eject players, managers, coaches or spectators who are derisive, distracting or derogatory and / or engage in other unsportsman-like conduct to anyone involved in the game.
  7. Pick up all of your trash and your children’s trash after each game or practice. Our playing and practice fields are ours to maintain and keep clean. Please be responsible and help any time that you can.
  8. Smoking, Alcoholic beverages, or other drugs are prohibited by Little League Rules & Regulations where little league is functioning. Alcoholic Beverages are also against the City of Mountain View’s ordinance for City Parks. A smoking area is designated away from the bleachers and dugouts at most Playing Fields.
Most important, remember that Little League baseball is only a game. By the time you get to the parking lot, most of the kids don’t care who won or lost the game. But if the parents set the tone by criticizing the manager or the umpire, the kids will get upset about it, too. Don’t ruin your child’s baseball experience. Be supportive.

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