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This is a big thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate the end of the 2022 Fall Baseball season with MVLL. We were very fortunate in having our player’s parents, family members, guardians, and friends come out to see them play their last game of the season. We are especially thankful to the rain gods for holding back the storm system that was forcasted to arrive Saturday night. The minor sprinkles we received at McKelvey Field were not enough to make the fields unplayable on Sunday and for that we are eternally grateful. We also thank our team managers, assistant coaches, and team supporters because without them, we would not have been able to form teams and help our players prepare for Spring Baseball.

Now that Fall Ball is officially concluded, we can look forward to starting up the 2023 Spring Season. Please look for news announcements about Spring Baseball Registration on this website. Registration begins on Friday, Nov. 11.

(Updated 10/26/2022)

Announcing the end-of-the-season event … the Fall Ball Brawl! Last 2 games of the season for our Major and Minor divisions. MV v MV teams. We’re also working on holding a final event for Farm Green earlier on the same day. (Details to be announced.) The McKelvey BBQ will be fired up for grilled burgers and hot dogs for sale in the Snack Shack. NOTE – The Minors will play the first game at 11 and the Majors will play at 2 PM.

The McKelvey Snack Shack is open for all Fall Ball games. We feature reasonably-priced food, drinks, and snacks. The Snack Shack is Cash Only. We do not accept credit cards or online payment methods in order to keep our prices low. We have a hot dog meal special featuring a Hoffy All Beef hot dog, your choice of a bag of chips, and a can of soda for $4 (reg. $4.50).

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Team schedules are posted in Handouts (both home and away games).

Home Schedule

Date Time Visitor Home Field
Sun, Sep 11 11:00 AM Major CUP01 MV Major Green McKelvey
Sun, Sep 11 1:30 PM Minor CUP01 MV Minor Green McKelvey
Sun, Sep 11 4:00 PM Farm NAT02 MV Farm Green McKelvey
Sun, Sep 18 1:00 PM Major SV03 MV Major Red McKelvey
Sun, Sep 18 3:30 PM Minor NAT01 MV Minor Red McKelvey
Sun, Sep 25 1:00 PM MV Major Green MV Major Red McKelvey
Sun, Sep 25 3:30 PM Farm SCW02 MV Farm Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 2 11:00 AM Major MET01 MV Major Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 2 1:30 PM Minor CUP02 MV Minor Red McKelvey
Sun, Oct 2 4:00 PM Farm CUP02 MV Farm Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 9 1:00 PM MV Minor Red MV Minor Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 9 3:30 PM Farm CUP01 MV Farm Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 16 11:00 AM Minor MET01 MV Minor Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 16 1:30 PM Minor SCW01 MV Minor Red McKelvey
Sun, Oct 16 4:00 PM Major LA02 MV Major Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 23 11:00 AM Major CUP02 MV Major Red McKelvey
Sun, Oct 23 1:30 PM Minor SCW02 MV Minor Red McKelvey
Sun, Oct 23 4:00 PM Minor NAT01 MV Minor Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 30 11:00 AM Major SV02 MV Major Red McKelvey
Sun, Oct 30 1:30 PM Major SV01 MV Major Green McKelvey
Sun, Oct 30 4:00 PM Minor NAT02 MV Minor Green McKelvey
Sun, Nov 6 11:00 AM MV Minor Green MV Minor Red McKelvey
Sun, Nov 6 2:00 PM MV Major Red MV Major Green McKelvey

The leagues participating and the number of teams they are fielding in each division are:

League Rookie Div Farm Div Minor Div Major Div
Mtn View no teams 1 team 2 teams 2 teams
Cupertino 1 team 2 teams 2 teams 2 teams
Los Altos in-house games in-house games in-house games 2 teams
Santa Clara Westside no teams 2 teams 2 teams 1 team
Sunnyvale 4 teams 2 teams 3 teams 3 teams
Sunnyvale Metro no teams 1 team 2 teams 1 team
Sunnyvale National 1 team 2 teams 2 teams no teams

Congratulations to this year’s Fall Ball Team Managers. The team names are as follows.

MV Team Manager
Major Green Arturo Verduzco
Major Red Frank Hislop
Minor Green Keith Teleki
Minor Red Tom Purcell
Farm Green Raymond Moppin

Weekday Practices at McKelvey and Monta Loma are as follows:

Evenings Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
McKelvey Minor Green Farm Green Major Red
Monta Loma Minor Red Major Green

Saturday Practices are all at McKelvey. Each time slot is 2 hours long.

McKelvey Saturday
10 AM to Noon Minor Green & Minor Red joint practice
Noon to 2 PM Farm Green
2 PM to 4 PM Major Green
4 PM to 6 PM Major Red

Please check out the next announcement about a no-cost training workout for our MVLL baseball families. Plus the announcement after that is about a DICK’s Sporting Goods Labor Day Weekend 20% Off coupon offer.

Mountain View Little League has purchased Big Al’s Backyard Workout Program for the Managers, Coaches and Parents in our league for 2022.

New for 2022, Big Al launched their “Backyard Workout Program” for parents and players. These Backyard Workouts have been added to our Parent 4-8 and Parent 9-12 online programs. (Instructions to activate your own Parent online membership are provided by completing MVLL’s short verification step at

More information about the Backyard Workout Program is available under the Training tab located on this site’s menu bar.

The DICK’S MVLL Family Coupon is good thru 2022.

DICK’S Sporting Goods – 125 E El Camino Real. Sunnyvale, CA 94087

The 2022 Fall Ball information page and FAQ page have been updated with the latest news. The online registration page at is still open for registrations. Please read the Fall Ball FAQ before submitting questions to

Major Division Registration: CLOSED Consider signing up for Minor Division
Minor Division Registration: OPEN 1 spot is still available
Farm Division Registration: OPEN 1 spot became available
  • Starting Aug 10, those who sign up and complete the payment step may be placed on a waiting list. We will email registration status to each sign-up starting on Aug 10.
  • Sign-ups received without completing the payment step are automatically placed on a waiting list at a lower priority than sign-ups that have paid.
  • To complete payment, we recommend using the online payment method as it is fast and secure and PayPal sends payment confirmations to the sender and MVLL immediately.

MVLL Fall Ball is for boys and girls of baseball ages 6 to 11. Baseball Age Calculator The 6 year-olds who played in the Rookie Division in Spring Baseball may be eligible to register if they are planning to play up to Farm in the 2023 Spring Season. 12 year-olds will be 13 in the 2023 Spring Season and can register for Fall Ball programs with MV or Palo Alto Babe Ruth Leagues. (Read the Fall Ball page for more information.)

No paper forms and fill-in PDF forms are available. There are no in-person registration events. Registration is done online using a mobile device or desktop computer. Payment is done online through our PayPal link, Cash or check or money order can be remitted in-person at Helming’s Auto Repair. Mail a check or money order to our PO Box. Payment instructions are provided on the payment page. The registration fee is $125 for all divisions (Major, Minor, and Farm). Fall Ball does not have T-Ball and Rookie divisions.

REGISTRATION STATUS as of 8/30/2022: Over 60 players have signed up. We have stopped taking sign-ups for Majors — please consider signing up for Minors where we have 1 spot remaining. After Minors is filled, we will stop taking sign-ups. We have re-opened Farm sign-ups. A reminder that registration is not complete without payment. Incomplete registrations will be given 24 hours to complete payment. We will notify incomplete registrations by email of the grace period. If we receive a completed registration with payment after the grace period, they can fill an opening if still available.

On Saturday, 8/20, the team mangers met and rostered their teams. In the following days, team managers will be contacting their players. Each team manager is on their own schedule as they need to schedule practice times, field use times, etc.

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