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We don’t sell candy for a fundraiser. We don’t sell cookie dough or magazines either. We do Hit-a-Thon! Ask family friends and relatives to sponsor your Little Leaguer with a flat donation or a pledge for distance batted. Plus there are individual prizes and a team prize for the most money raised.

Be at McKelvey on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at your team’s designated arrival time for team and individual photos. Every player receives a team and individual picture free of charge by registering online before the event. Be sure to bring a printed copy of the order confirmation (receipt). The confirmation is needed to enter the photo area.

1. Before Hit-a-Thon Day, ask relatives and family friends for donations and distance-batted pledges. Record donations and pledges on the player’s Pledge Form. Voluntary goal is $50 per player or $35 per player for families with 2 or more players.
2. On Hit-a-Thon Day, coaches will pitch balls. Each player gets 3 tries to bat a ball as far as they can.
3. Longest distance batted is recorded.
4. Collect money for the distance-batted pledges (For a pledge of 10 cents per foot and 100 ft batted, collect $10 for the pledge.)
5. Add up the donations and give to whoever is doing the collection for the team. All donations are due by April 15.
6. Hit-a-Thon prizes will be announced at Closing Ceremony on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

1. Each player receives a free personal and team photo through Shooting Stars Productions, so be sure to attend this fun event!
2. Each player must register and complete the free Image Mate photo form online using the Individual/Team Order Form.
3. Optional: Order photo packages, combos, and add-ons on the Order Page. (Links at the bottom of this page)
4. Be sure to print your online Order Confirmation (receipt) and bring it with you on Photo Day. Each player will need to have a unique receipt to enter the photo area.
5. Check-in time is 15 mininutes prior to your team’s photo time. Enter the big field on the 1st base side.


Check-In Time Photo Time Team Manager Hit-a-Thon Time Hit-a-Thon Field
9:45 AM 10:00 AM T-Ball A’s Abbey White/Gabriel Teo 10:30 AM Big McKelvey
9:55 AM 10:10 AM Minor Giants David Ristedt 10:45 AM Small McKelvey
10:05 AM 10:20 AM T-Ball Dodgers Arturo Verduzco 9:30 AM Big McKelvey
10:15 AM 10:30 AM Minor Pirates Tom Purcell 9:30 AM Small McKelvey
10:25 AM 10:40 AM T-Ball Astros Odette/Oslan/Field 11:10 AM Big McKelvey
10:35 AM 10:50 AM Minor A’s Keith Teleki 10:00 AM Small McKelvey
10:45 AM 11:00 AM Major Red Sox Arturo Verduzco 11:40 AM Big McKelvey
10:55 AM 11:10 AM T-Ball Rockies Joy Festa 10:00 AM Big McKelvey
11:05 AM 11:20 AM Farm A’s Daniel Gallagher 11:55 AM Small McKelvey
11:15 AM 11:30 AM Junior A’s Tony Peeples 12:00 PM Big McKelvey
Photography Break
12:45 PM 1:00 PM Major A’s Darren Stevens 12:30 PM Big McKelvey
12:55 PM 1:10 PM T-Ball Giants Ceazar Agront 1:40 PM Big McKelvey
1:05 PM 1:20 PM Farm Pirates Mike Silvia/Justin Quiambao 12:30 PM Small McKelvey
1:15 PM 1:30 PM Major Giants Pio Puragannan 1:00 PM Big McKelvey
1:25 PM 1:40 PM T-Ball Red Sox Shadi Hawanini 2:20 PM Big McKelvey
1:35 PM 1:50 PM Farm Cardinals Andy Drake 1:00 PM Small McKelvey
2:00 PM 2:15 PM T-Ball Rays Isabelle Stanton/Brian Gawalt 2:45 PM Big McKelvey
2:20 PM 2:35 PM T-Ball Angels Julian Goodstein 3:15 PM Big McKelvey
2:30 PM 2:45 PM Farm Giants Raymond Moppin 1:30 PM Small McKelvey
2:40 PM 2:55 PM T-Ball Yankees Chris Caleca 3:30 PM Big McKelvey
2:50 PM 3:05 PM Farm Red Sox Shadi Hawawini 2:00 PM Small McKelvey
3:00 PM 3:15 PM Farm Cubs Hughie Choe 2:30 PM Small McKelvey
3:10 PM 3:25 PM T-Ball Padres Mike McGrath 2:55 PM Big McKelvey


PDF of Schedule

Email Jaime Chapin, MVLL Events Director, at for more information.

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About Field Closures

Posted by Mountain View California Little League at Mar 15, 2023 1:31PM PDT

About Mountain View Athletic Fields Closures

City field closures are announced in a pre-recorded message (posted by 3 PM, weekdays): 650-903-6416

As a general rule of thumb: a) if it is raining, or b) the fields squish when you walk on them, or c) there are puddles of standing water, the field is closed. If it’s the weekend (city offices are closed and not able to provide daily guidance), the city requests we use our best judgement for using natural grass fields after a rain.

On weekdays and weekends, MVLL announces field closures on this website and on our office voicemail 650-961-2065.

MVLL Families can purchase athletic gear and apparel at a discount using the eCoupon in this announcement. This year ’round coupon can be redeemed multiple times. $10 off athletic footwear (minimum purchase required), 15% off of athletic apparel, or 10% off sports equipment. (Exclusions apply as stated on the coupons.)


DICK’s Sporting Goods is a long time sponsor of MVLL. The nearest DICK’s retail store is in Sunnyvale.

As anticipated, the City has closed all grass fields for the weekend (March 11-12, 2023). The fields are saturated. As of 12 Noon, Friday, the fields have received over 1.5 inches of rain since yesterday’s start of this storm.

Listen to Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head by BJ Thomas on YouTube

Little McKelvey

Little McKelvey Field, Friday, March 10, 2023 (McKelvey photos from C Smith)

Looking down the 3rd base line from the left field warning track

Monta Loma

Whisman Park

Standing water in Whisman’s outfield

Whisman Home Plate

Opening Day is this Saturday, March 4, at Little McKelvey. It will rain. How hard? Don’t know. But we are going for it! Bring an umbrella and let’s have some fun welcoming everyone to the MVLL 2023 spring season!!!

The ceremony begins at 12 noon. Players are requested to arrive at 11:30 to begin forming up by teams in the Big McKelvey outfield. Each team will parade onto the Little McKelvey outfield beginning with the T-Ball Division and ending with the Junior Division A’s — 23 teams in total.

Please have all players wear their uniforms for the ceremony. Work with your team managers for any additional guidance.

We have fun activities planned when the ceremony ends and ’til 1:30 PM, but we really need your help in running them that day. Please sign up for a shift at — email Jaime at with questions!

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