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Hello Majors Parents,

Thank you for your patience as we try to get Fall Ball up and running. We need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly. I’m hoping you can join me for a quick meeting on Saturday (8/24) afternoon from 1-1:30pm at the Monta Loma field to discuss team formation and how the season is going to go.

Thanks in advance for your participation. Please email any questions you may have to

— Jeff Homan, Fall Ball Coordinator

(This invitation was emailed to all registered Fall Ball players of baseball ages 10 and 11. If you have previously requested your player be in MInors, please disregard the invitation.)

Jeff has volunteered to be this year’s Fall Ball Coordinator. His email address is

Due to unusual circumstances with forming up teams in time for this Sunday’s Fall Ball Kick-Off, we are cancelling this Sunday’s Kick-off of MV vs MV games. The first game of the season will be Sunday, Sept 8, which will be the first of 8 weeks of inter-league games.

Team assignment announcements are delayed to this weekend, August 25, 2019, or possibly a day or two earlier.

We expect to get some team practices in before Sept 8. There will be no Fall Baseball activities over the holiday weekend.

(Updated 8/23/2019)

We are at capacity for Fall Ball. We are at capacity for the Waiting List We are not taking any more signups..

The following information is provided if you need to redo registration forms, etc. Otherwise, do not use this information to get onto the waiting list.

If you were planning to sign up, please mail in a completed registration form with payment so that we will have everything in place to immediately get your player placed on a team when an opening arises. We will only accept a couple of registrations for the waitlist. Each Fall Ball season we have a player or two that finds they are unable to fit baseball into their academic commitments.

Links to the Fall Ball Information Flyer and Registration Form are located in the Fall Ball Registration announcement below. When you decide to signup to be on the waitlist, please let us know by email that the paperwork is on it’s way.

To verify we have your player registered for Fall Ball, we have published and update a list that can be found on the 2019 Fall Baseball Page.

Due to an administrative error at the post office., the MVLL post office box was closed and any mail that was addressed to Post Office Box 614 since August 1 was returned to the sender.

If you have mailed a registration form with enclosed payment for Fall Baseball before Wednesday, 8/12, please let us know immediately by sending email to Please attach to the email a copy of the completed registration form.

If you are not able to attach a copy of the registration form to the email, please indicate in the email that an attachment is not available and then separately, provide us with a picture of the completed registration form via cell by messaging it to Be sure to use a high resolution photo setting of 2M or greater.

The list of registrations received to date is posted on the 2019 Fall Ball Page (the link is also a menu tab above). The list is updated daily.

Since we do not know how long it will take for the Post Office to return letters to the sender, we will proceed with processing registrations as best we can. As for registration payment, we can wait until your mailed letter is returned top you or we can collect payment after we begin playing ball games at Monta Loma. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

Please send any questions to